Joanna Duda

Joanna Duda belongs to Poland’s latest generation within its rich, experimental jazz tradition but her piano talents are only a part of the story with her. Leveraging technology in uncanny ways, her music is digital alongside analog, acoustic alongside electronic and improvised alongside charted. The product of this crossbreeding is music that doesn’t neatly reside in any known world but in a world of its own.

Joanna Duda

Joanna Duda Graduated Music University in Gdansk 2007 (specialty - classical piano) and Jazz School in Warsaw (2009). Joanna is holder of multiple Gdansk Cultural Scholarships and Adam Mickiewicz Institute Scholarships. Nominated for many awards like Guarantees of Culture of Polish Television (2010) or The Music Lovers Hope (2010), Galiony Gdyńskie 2019 (Gdynia Cultural Award). With AuAuA trio Joanna Duda won Key To Career Award in Gorzów Wielkopolski (2009). Member of Halo Kultura Association - NGO animating the culture in Gdynia - as a curator of artistic events. 

Recently Joanna Duda released her second album KEEN  - piano/electronica works all composed and performed by herself (Alpaka Records). Since her first album THE BEST OF, Joanna has dived deeply into using acoustic instruments in a way of long – term electronic preparation. She constructs multilayerd narration reaching out for unobvious means and twists in the music plot. 

Joanna founded many bands, like AuAuA, Miód, J=J, 3D. The latest one is Joanna Duda Trio that performed in Bremen on Jazzahead!2018, Jazztopad in Canada (Edmonton Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival) and Jazzconnective Helsinki . Joanna Duda  plays with Maksymilian Mucha (double bass) and Michal Bryndal (drums) using acoustic instruments and incorporating samples and electronics. The music focuses on the collective consciousness formed through improvisation. Joanna Duda is planning to record an album with her Trio in the end of 2019. 

As all the time looking for new ways of artistic expression, Joanna is making video - art, video documentary and multimedia installations. In 2015 Joanna has created a multimedia installation  TRACK(S)  for the order of TRAFO - Contemporary Art Centre in Szczecin. In 2016 she participated in Polish - Japanese project Memory of the water which included visual art (used as a scenography), installation (object - sculpture) and music for the exhibition/performance under the same name; it was a long process with collecting sounds, interviews and videos around Japanese territories where Tsunami catastrophe took place.

Both in her individual projects and electronic solo work she uses sounds from her ambience as an initial substance. Joannas samples are made of what she collects with digital recorder which is the beginning of making new instrument/composition. The way of filtering the sound with different media leads her to new quality of her style.

 Joanna also composes music for theatre and performs live with some of them. Since 2013 she started to work with Amareya Theatre, butoh/physical/dance theatre. Together with theatre she performed many times in France, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Israel, and even Greenland. 

Joanna is a member of popular Polish jazz group Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet (WMQ) since 2008, as a pianist and composer. WMQ  gained golden plate for the album Chaos Pelen Idei and platinum plate for the album Polka which also appeared as one of five best albums of 2018 in Downbeat Magazine

 Joanna Duda cooperated with Skalpel (Ninja Tunes) as a live band together with Jan Emil Mlynarski on drums (as J=J); they played together 15 concerts on a special tour in 2015 on festivals like Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Audioriver, Artloop.

Joanna is involved in contemporary classical scene as well; she recorded album with compositions of Julius Eastman (black minimalist composer from USA) together with Lutoslawski Piano Duo and Mischa Kozlowski and performed it many times live (Unsound Festival). The album named Unchained received Supersonic Award from Pizzicato magazine. She also cooperates with legends of Polish electronic music -  Krzysztof Knittel and Marek Choloniewski. Contemporary classical music is one of her biggest inspirations.