Mathieu Durand

Journalist, former editor-in-chief for Jazz News, founder of we le Gri Gri radio. 

Mathieu Durand

Mathieu Durand is a journalist and has written for 96, Jazz News and La Terrasse. He was editor-in-chief of Jazz News from 2015 to 2019 and created radio we le Gri Gri in 2018.

In 2009 with Nikola Cindric he founded Criss Cross Jazz, a blog that closely follows the new jazz scene. He released a book in 2014, Best of de Criss Cross, called "On a marche dans le jazz et pas du pied gauche" (2014, SKOPP), which marked the end of the blog.

In his notes, Mathieu Durand "explodes into a thousand pieces the clichés that circulate on jazz: music from the past, elevator music, music for the elderly, academic music, old-fashioned music, music and serious and boring musicians".

With a sharp and original eye, he participates in the renewal of jazz criticism in France by bringing a funny, impertinent, curious look while being on the field and fleeing the beaten track.