The pandemic crisis has forced us all to do things differently this year, and therefore it seemed natural that the theme from Dublin would be examining unique methods of composition. Improvised Music Company (IMC) have gathered three highly innovative acts for this special online programme, each creating music in a way that is outside the norm.


► Roamer at Jazz Connective Lyon - making music alone together.

Roamer are currently spread out across Europe, with the band members based in Dublin, London, Berlin and Munich. For Jazz Connective the four artists have come together digitally to create a new arrangement of a composition by Matthew Halpin, passing their individual recordings from one to the other, layering onto and drawing from each other's work to create a full band sound created especially for this programme.

About Roamer 

The best of Irish improvising talent, Roamer combines four outstanding artists who have individually built acclaimed international careers. Each “roamer” has represented Ireland extensively on stages around the world, and combined are a powerful force of innovation and talent. 

Vocalist Lauren Kinsella has been Jazz FM UK Vocalist of the Year; saxophonist Matthew Halpin was the first Irish musician to receive the presidential scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music; Simon Jermyn is one of the most in-demand creative music bassists in New York, and drummer Matthew Jacobson tours Ireland and Europe frequently with many leading improvising musicians and ensembles.

► Sonic adventures with OKO for Jazz Connective Lyon

Especially for Jazz Connective, this intimate access to a recording session is all about exploration and experimentation for this 4 piece band. 

OKO actively 'use the studio' while still attempting to capture the raw energy of group improvisation. To do this they use sequencers, driven by various stochastic and chance elements, to create a somewhat unpredictable framework to improvise within. 

They deconstruct these structural elements through improvisation to create a musical narrative, and then reuse the initial generative sequences to trigger hardware synthesizers and drum machines to further enhance the recordings, adding another layer of structure to the music.

About OKO

OKO was borne out of a number of collaborations in 2010 and 2011 between guitarist Shane Latimer, keyboardist Darragh  O’Kelly, percussionist  Shane O’Donovan and turntablist DJackulate (Jack McMahon).

The group improvises around skeletal compositions, drawing on a wealth of influences such as krautrock, vintage TV shows, free jazz, noise, dub, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, musak, metal and more. Their music shifts from lush synth-drenched sculptures to tight hooks and loose grooves, robust scratching and  liberated improvising. 

► H-Ci : spontaneous composition through pre-recorded sound

Twice world champion at the ‘Clash of the Titans’ freestyle turntablist championship in Berlin, Dublin-born multi-instrumentalist, turntablist and sample artist Djackulate (aka Jack Dempsey Mc Mahon) joins forces with dynamic drummer Shane O’Donovan. 

McMahon, a musical polymath, has a wide range of influences stemming from a lifetime of mining records for odd samples as a champion turntablist, in addition to his saxophone, uilleann pipes, kaval, musical saw, and others, performing in a wide range of musical contexts. Most recently, McMahon began to distil these musical experiences into performances focused around a reimagining of the turntable, with striking results.

Djackulate joins forces with longtime colleague and fellow musical chameleon, the electronic composer and jazz drummer Shane O'Donovan to create H-CI. This innovative duo has a musical relationship spanning many projects over the past decade, most notably in OKO, an eclectic quartet that runs the gamut from delicately sculpted electro-acoustic shapes to gritty streetwise funk.

H-ci’s music is heavily influenced by electronic music artists such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada, but also incorporates elements of contemporary Jazz and avant-garde. What stands H-ci apart is his multi-layered solo work. With an array of synthesizers and drums, complex layers of rhythm are created through the use of drum machines as well as live acoustic drums, with the melodic content almost exclusively synthesizer based. Together, H-ci are sonic explorers of the highest calibre