Résonances. Where art and music improvise together (UK/FR/IR)

Experimental event merging live visual art, dance, musical performance and poetry.

Résonances. Where art and music improvise  together (UK/FR/IR)

Led by artist Aurelie Freoua, the performances take you on a journey of creation, improvisation and interactions between all these art forms. This audio-visual experience aims to create dynamic and harmonious dialogues between different disciplines resonating, echoing and inspiring one another. Résonances is also an immersive experience where a thematic is explored, such as metamorphosis and dreams for the two previous events. This multidisciplinary live performance aims at challenging the perceptions of the viewer, stimulating their senses and emotions.


This event will feature:

Visual artist: Aurelie Freoua

Dancer: Petra Haller 

Musician: Matthew Jacobson