Touring in Europe: Between necessity and ecological responsibility

As we have mentioned since the beginning of our exchanges in Jazz Connective, European artists and works must circulate throughout Europe and it seems essential to us that we do everything to maximise these opportunities.

Touring in Europe: Between necessity and ecological responsibility


We will be able to draw on the experience of the AJC network and the work of many years to enable genuine international cooperation by building on our personal relationships and our in-depth knowledge of the artistic scenes.


This need, both cultural and artistic but also economic, must not make us forget an essential challenge of today's society, which is to take into account the ecological impact of our activity. Travel can be a significant impact factor.


To bring the debate down to earthly realities, we will look at Charles Gil's experience of Slow Touring, and consider the practical aspects, eg. quantifying the ecological impact of tours as well as the means of calculating and controlling these factors.


By avoiding ready-made answers or false solutions, we must debate these issues and propose ways and reflections for a new approach to touring which is adapted to the music we defend.