Joanna Duda Trio (PL)

Joanna Duda has brought many artistic projects to life, such as Super Extra Trio, AuAuA, J = J or 3D. Her latest project is Joanna Duda Trio – for the first time the band performed at Jazzahead! 2018 in Bremen as part of the Polish Night.

Joanna Duda Trio (PL)

The trio currently features Maxymilian Mucha (double bass) and Sławek Koryzno (drums), producing a mixture in which the acoustic sounds of the traditional jazz band and the leader's electronics are present. The music of the group is based on collective consciousness formed by improvisation.

Joanna Duda  formed her trio in 2018. After performing in Poland, Germany and Canada the band will make it first Finnish appearance at Jazz Connective.


  • Joanna Duda, piano, electronics  
  • Sławek Koryzno, drums
  • Max Mucha, double bass

Photo: Maarit Kytöharju

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