Elodie Pasquier & Gilles Coronado : Plaisir d'Offrir (FR)

A creative collaboration between two extremely talented musicians, results of which is exhilarated musical dialogue.

Elodie Pasquier & Gilles Coronado : Plaisir d'Offrir (FR)

Elodie Pasquier : clarinets

Elodie Pasquier is currently composer and leader of the "Mona" quintet, with an album signed with the Laborie Jazz label. Her solo also holds an important place in her artistic life, with an album planned for 2019, still with the Label Laborie Jazz.

Today, Elodie is the clarinettist of Jean-Marie Machado's "Danzàs" orchestra (ECM Records - La Buissonne), "Les Etrangers Familiers" of the Compagnie des Musiques Ouïr, "The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra" (Iran le Label) alongside Loïc Lantoine, her brand new quartet surrounded by Ch. Monniot, D. Ithursarry and A. Benoit.

She was also noticed as a guest or in meetings with Vincent Courtois, Franck Vaillant, Seb Boisseau, Tri Collectif, pAn-G, Fatso, la Marmite Infernale, Cirque Plume...

Elodie has also been the clarinettist of "orTie" (Laborie Jazz), "Marimbas de l'Exil" (Franco-Mexican opera / Charlotte Nessy), "Kazio Show", "Singe". She will have been a member of the Lyon collective "Grolektif" for 4 years.

She is now an associate artist of the Label Laborie Jazz, and accompanied by Metisse Musik.

Elodie Pasquier have been awarded the Prize for Best Instrumentalist at the Tremplin d' Avignon, winner of the Tremplin Jazz(s)Ra with the duo "orTie", elected "Etoile du Jazz" by Citizen Jazz, Best Instrumentalist at the Tremplin Jazz d' Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

Gilles Coronado : guitar

Living in Paris since 1991, Gilles Coronado   participates in the musical movement that is being developed at Les Instants Capavirés (Montreuil). In parallel to his instrument, writing and internship courses such as at the "Banff Center for Fine Arts (1992)" and then his self-taught work, he developed his vocabulary in contact with other musicians such as: Guillaume Orti, Marc Ducret, Barre Philipps, Bruno Chevillon, the Hask collective, etc....

In 1994, he founded the Urban Mood group (Guillaume Orti, Vincent Ségal and Norbert Lucarain). Participates in Thôt since its creation, as well as Caroline the group of Sarah Murcia, shares experiences with contemporary dance (Mathilde Monnier, Catherine Contour, Thierry Baë, Loïc Touzé,...), also records fictions for France Culture, a musical creation for "Tephra Formations" (play by Philippe Katerine and the designer Robert Stadler, Beaubourg), as well as musical programs for Arte... Since one year he took over the management of his own group "Coronado" (Matthieu Metzger, Antonin Rayon and Franck Vaillant)

The trainings with which he is currently performing are:

Coronado, Thôt, Caroline, Fred Poulet, Melc, Louis Sclavis, Francis and his Peintres invite Katerine to the French song repertoire...

Photo: Maarit Kytöharju

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