Music as a profession : Organizing your work life as a professional musician

Music industry has changed significantly over the last few decades. The way music is accessed, consumed and created is vastly different nowadays than 20 years ago. Musicians, being the active actors of music ecosystem, need to adjust, learn and develop in order to face the challenges these changes bring. Being a professional musician nowadays requires taking on more and more roles in order to survive, function and thrive in this, very often, merciless environment.

Music as a profession : Organizing your work life as a professional musician

From the artistic point of view, musicians can be both performers and composers, creators and followers, partners and leaders. It is often the balance of all these roles that constitutes the daily life of a musician today.

But it is also more than that. As a project leader, a musician who initiates new creations, ventures into new projects, develops his own network and career, must face a large number of all other tasks, administrative or logistical, financial or even communication-related.

All these tasks can be grouped under the term production, meaning of all steps that are necessary for a project to be born, developed and presented to the public at the same time providing a fair remuneration for all those involved in it. All these tasks can of course be delegated to specialized professionals. This, however, brings about a whole new set of challenges. Finding someone whom you can trust with your career, being able to afford their services, losing control over your own artistic development as well as prioritizing profit over aesthetic value of music.   

Finally, music sector is made of different professional actors whose role in fostering talents, supporting artists and enabling audiences to discover new music cannot be underestimated. Live music venues, festivals and public institutions have necessary tools and expertise to help young musicians thrive. How to efficiently use them will be also a topic of this panel discussion.

This round table made up of professionals from our music in Europe will be shared with the young musicians of the INTL Jazz Platform. It will be an opportunity for a real exchange between artists facing challenges related to the development of their careers, young project leaders and European directors.

Photo: Mikołaj Zacharow

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