Mona (Fr)

Surrounded by alchemistic musicians, clarinetist Élodie Pasquier returns with Mona, a new quintet with a sensitive repertoire, full of surprises, ranging from extreme softness to rhythmic outbursts, telling stories. A jazz that questions raw beauty.

Mona (Fr)

How can a musical work have such a resonance in the translation of such a deep soul, such a deep personality? When Elodie Pasquier presents and exposes a personal universe that immediately stands out at the first notes, her journey can also be ours, her joy, her sorrow, her cries... everything is there in a life journey that has thickened over time and that today asserts an extraordinary talent.

"Mona" is not a first album, it is a testimony of time past, its softness, its wrinkles, its cracks, its happiness where everything begins, where everything stops and where everything goes again.

The quintet IS "Mona", a unified sound that evolves, circulates, sweats, exults. A perfect unity which has this freshness and sincerity so communicative and palpable.

"Warning for sensitive minds, it is possible that the delicacy and strength of this album may upset your bearings and titillate some secret aspirations. At the head of this new and very promising quintet, clarinetist and composer Elodie Pasquier, one of the most prominent young artists on the French jazz scene..."

Article by Catherine Carette, published on September 4, 2017 

Photo: Mikołaj Zacharow

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