Backspace and special guest Tortusa (PL/NO)

Backspace is one of the most original groups on the european improvised music stage. This time they will be joined by John Derek Bishop (alias Tortusa), an electronic artist, composer and photographer from Stavanger, Norway. 

Backspace and special guest Tortusa (PL/NO)

Backspace is one of the most original groups on the European improvised music stage. The band was formed in 2013. Musicians successfully combine the acoustic sound of the accordion and electric violin with the possibilities of modern technology. Dialogue, interaction, improvisation, live sampling and the creative use of computer software (Ableton Live), electronic effects, and even everyday objects helped to create unique sound and unique musical language team. In music, the group finds inspiration for both symphonic music, minimalism, "Tintinnabuli" style through new Nordic jazz, to the ambient, electro and house. "The integration of instruments with electronics allows us to create a sound that would be impossible to obtain on acoustic instruments – it gives us a huge range of colours, with which we can express emotions, build the atmosphere and space, open the door to new and previously unknown areas of music. We devote ourselves to improvisation - each new sound tells us what will be next – we make music "here and now", so that every concert could take the form of an extraordinary and unique music performance " What inspires us is: the nature, city, machine, man, space, view, experiences, memories, uniqueness and everyday life, the Aborigines’ music, the German techno stage and abstract expressionism.

John Derek Bishop (alias Tortusa) is an electronic artist, composer and photographer from Stavanger, Norway. His first Tortusa album "I Know This Place - The Eivind Aarset Collages" was released on Jazzland Recordings and nominated for the Spellemann Prize 2016 (Norwegian Grammy). In 2018 he released a second album on Jazzland with saxophonist Inge Weatherhead Breistein and toured Germany, England, Poland and Norway. September 2019 he released "Eternal Return" on Jazzland Recordings together with Simen Kiil Halvorsen (trumpet) and Alexander Hoholm (upright bass) and toured Germany, France and Norway. Currently he is working on material with Eivind Aarset, Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang and Erland Dahlen to be released in 2020.

In concert Bishop works with live-sampling, the art of recording instruments on stage and using them as the sound pallet for expression. A cornerstone is the texture and timbre of sound, and he is inspired by organic sounds and rhythms.

For several years, Bishop has been composing and performing for modern dance and performance art shows in Norway, England and France. He has made music for short films «Limerence», «Hyperspace» and «Across the dreams».

Aside from making music Bishop works with photography and video art.

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