Lyon, France

Jazz Connective will take place in march 2020 in Lyon, supervised by the Périscope (Lyon, France).

Périscope gathers and collaborates with innovative music artists and leads a reflection on music - improvised, amplified and contemporary - from jazz, to participate in its production, promotion and dissemination. 

Opened in 2007, Periscope is a living space aiming at creating and broadcasting innovative music. Periscope’s artistic guideline is mainly focused on jazz and improvised musics but is also wide enough to include rock, noise, hip-hop, soul as well as new kinds of experimental and improvised music. On a yearly basis, Periscope is organizing about 150 shows, as well as social and educational projects along with cultural screenings, talks, workshops and performances contributing to the project’s artistic identity. Periscope aims at being a central workplace for musicians in order to work and experiment on residency and rehearsal projects while also contributing to the growth of a general network with Lobster, its own co-working spot next to the venue. Actor of a innovative and experimental local scene, Periscope also tends to reflect a global state for innovative music by developing its reach with international projects.